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I Have No General Topic..

Well people seem to be a lot happier these days. That's good, I'm glad people have time to be free and to relax. I guess I'm alright. I'm not depressed but I'm not exactly the happiest person either. I don't know..

Well the girls are growing up at a nice, slow, easy pace. Which is very relaxing, I don't think I can deal with anymore teenagers right now. I love all my children..but sometimes...I need a break.

Christian and Tacienta are getting married and I do hope that they have a nice wedding. I think it would be nice to have another wedding of my own, but that's alright once is enough.

I haven't seen Amza or his children recently..I wonder if they're doing okay...maybe I should check on them..make sure everything is okay...

Well..I think that's it.
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