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Just an update

Well...its been a long time since I've updated. After the magic tournament I went out on a mission that ended up taking me two months to complete...

Then when I do get back my three girls are kidnapped by that...damn Xelloss...having Diasuke go back was the only way I could assure my girls' safety...and the consequence we had to pay was Yaiko suffering...Daisuke has managed to escape though..but I can only project his aura for two days...I have a feeling we will be having a confrontation with Xelloss very shortly...

In other news...three people who I never thought I would see again have suddenly shown up out of the blue...Sebastian, Michael and....Dustin....-.-;;; and apparently these three made a promise with Reno that none of them would be with me without each others approval. So apparently now my marriage to Reno never happened...

They all give me a headache...they're all acting so trivial over this...honestly we're mature adults---well...some of us anyway...why does it even matter....they can't just tear me away from Reno because they're not happy with what he did..its not his was Reno ever to know that they were even still alive? Hopefully they'll get tired of this and I can spend time with Reno once more..

..On another note....I think I'm getting gray hair....T.T...must be from all this stress...
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