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Baby Boom?

....I am pregnant... ....AGAIN. I think I got a little cocky(ahaha...bad pun) about not having any children for a while so now the Goddess decided she'd give me on. ...Although..I am rather...big for one child...I hope it doesn't turn out to be some kind of mutant. I decided though that I would like the baby to be a surprise this time, so Chiri did not tell me the gender...

I'm not the only one expecting though, Papaya is having another child, a boy I think she said, is that right Jim? and Leah is having a boy...and...we're going to need to start that daycare again...I will talk to Kiko about it.

Reno is excited,as usual, and he is constantly touching my stomach and talking to the baby...^.^() It is rather cute..

but now I'm hungry...and so I'm going to go to the kitchen..

ta ta.
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