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..Distressing News....

Well school is going along nicely I must say. There are some problem students but I suppose that there are always those problem students.

I have found out today from my mother, Melina that I am to live forever. Forever is an awfully long time. I am going to look this age forever... I am immortal because I am half cetra.
I don't think I could watch Reno and my children die. What would I ever do without him? He is everything to me... He is going to get older and older and I am going to stay young... what will I do... I can barely stand to be away from him for a day...what will forever do to me?
The thought of it makes me choke...
He says not to worry, that there may be a way for him to live forever...but...I am not a fairy. I am an elf...when I mate my spouse does not live forever along with me...
I think he laughs deep down when I tell him almost every day why I love him so much...I'm sure he gets tired of hearing it...but I just want to make sure he knows I love him and why.
If we are soul mates...if we are fated together...then why am I going to live forever and he has to die.
You call this...fate...
I call it cruel...
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